After the war Feynman joined Hans Bethe at Cornell University. He turned down the offer of a job at The Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton.

Oh they expected me to be wonderful for they had offered me a job like this. And i wasn’t wonderful. And therefore i realised and made a new principle – I am not responsible for what other people THINK i am able to do. I don’t have to be good because they think i am going to be good. And somehow i could relax about it and think about it that i have not done anything important, oh i am never going to do anything important. I just used to enjoy my work. I used to play with it. I decided that i will do things only for the fun of it….

Typed after listening to ” The Pleasure of Finding Things Out”.

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out is one of the most inspiring documentaries that i have seen, However I particularly like this paragraph. Mostly due to personal reasons and experiences!

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