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Dating at Stanford

I originally intended to complete my post related to Game Theory + Swarm Intelligence. However, I see that I am not really in the mood for Maths just now.

I’d rather put up a PHD comics strip that cracks me up whenever I come across it. I happened to come across it in the morning and I decided to put it up. ;)

Originally published 2/2/1998, the copyright rests with the rightful owners and publisher.

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Firefox 3.0 Easter Egg!

I came to know of the firefox 3.0 easter egg through Jordon Says, which i discovered on the wordpress home. Seems to be like a rapidly growing new blog!

I am guessing most of the Firefox using bloggers are already on FireFox 3? There had been a lot of posts throughout the “blogosphere” on the day Firefox 3 became available for download, urging readers to switch.

Please type about:robots in the address bar of your new firefox and see the fun! Then also click on retry.


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