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Sisters and Book

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.

– Pablo Picasso.

One of the things that I have done right from my puerility, discontinuously sadly, is painting and sketching. One of my oldest hobbies and something that gives me immense peace.

This post finds it way here as :

1. It reminds me that I should spend less time wasting on communities on the internet  when I need to “pass” time as a diversion or something (whatever little I spend anyway) and use it to paint instead whenever the usual workload is a little slack.

2. I come across scores of extremely wonderful things on the internet every week . Why share this then? Oh because it (the painting “Sisters and Book “) moves me in a way that I’d rather not try and describe on a blog or for what reasons it does so. Especially a blog that’s not a personal one and is rather shifting focus towards Machine Learning gradually. :)



[Sisters and Book :  By Iman Maleki]

Another beautiful painting, which almost looks like a photograph to me is this!


[Omens of Hafez – Iman Maleki]

Though I must admit I do not get attracted to realism much, I find Imam Maleki’s work extremely beautiful! Especially the way he paints ladies.

And that’s why this finds its way here. And point noted again to give more time to my beloved hobby.


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2. Iman Maleki’s Painting Collection


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