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Something that would make the AI and Swarm Intelligence enthusiast smile.

The latest version of NetLogo was released on December 05, 2007 and can be downloaded from here for free, i know i am late. But i just discovered that the new version was here! I am sure the people who have used it before must be very glad with the upgrade as i am!

For starters, NetLogo is a multi-agent programmable modeling environment and can be used to study/model emergent phenomenon. NetLogo was authored by Uri Wilensky, director of the CCL of the Northwestern University in 1999. It was authored in the spirit of the Logo programming language to be “low threshold and no ceiling”.

The Wikipedia page on Netlogo puts the usage of it very tersely!

It is particularly well suited for modeling complex systems developing over time. Modelers can give instructions to hundreds or thousands of independent “agents” all operating concurrently. This makes it possible to explore the connection between the micro-level behavior of individuals and the macro-level patterns that emerge from the interaction of many individuals.

Happy Modelling! ;)

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