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I was taking part in a discussion on debunking Darwins theory of evolution.
The discussion got a new twist with the entry of a Raelean . The raeleans don’t believe in God, but hold the opinion that humans were created by extra-terrestrials. It confused many because even though he (the person arguing) did not believe in God, he seemed to suggest that Aliens existed.

Most Raeleans and Atheist ID proponents hold that view. They cite principles such as the Anthropic principle to further their case, now these are tautologies and i personally don’t subscribe to these. Also we have to understand that these are essentially philosophical ideas, in the light that they have no evidence for the existence for Aliens but claim that it is but natural for other living beings to inhabit the universe.

Like Robert Bradbury puts it, i am also a “show me the money” person, and do not believe in such philosophical ideas, i tend to regard them as pseudo-science.

Like one of the basic ideas of atheist ID proponents are as follows..

We are N. Life on earth is N.
Teams of scientists, like Dr. Craig Venter’s team are starting

to create life artificially in laboratory from inert matter. They succeeded doing a bacteria. Soon they will be able to do a mouse , and eventually a human. This is N+1
These Humans we create one day will be able to do the same when they progress sufficiently in science. This will be N+2, etc…

Now could there be a N-1 advanced civilization who created us the same way, scientifically with mastery of DNA and genetic engineering? Many researchers have found piles of evidence supporting it …
The N-1 civilization of scientific Creators have contacted us and given a Message that scientifically minded beings can understand without mysticism.

and this is furthered by the following idea. (When asked who created those Aliens)

Our E.T. scientific creators were created by another advanced civilization before them, and the same before them… ad infinitum. There is no ‘first’ one, as there are always others before in this infinite Universe, with no beginning and no end.

Infinity in space and time is the only rational explanation that does not make appeal to the supernatural at some point, i.e. the only explanation not making matter appear from nothing, nowhere, like the God or Big Bang explanations imply.

Though on the top it does sound convincing, but it is not! Most ID ideas are slowly being chipped at by Anthropologists, Physicists etc. We have to understand that these are primarily philosophical ideas. They themselves admit that it might be less likely for such ideas to be true.

Like using this idea Claude Vorilhon has established a very complex religion. A religion is essentially a philosophy. So we see that it is actually a philosophy.
In other words, though their idea is not impossible. It is quite improbable and mostly looks like creationist babble. Though there are imperfections in Darwinism to some extent, or at least they appear to be imperfections at this stage of evidence. It is the best way that explain how things work, how we evolve, and why we are like what we are. These are rather chimerical (but not impossible, as i can not disprove it) views on origin of life.

So Atheist ID is creationism in camouflage! Besides our design is not really that intelligent since nature had to use what was already there for other purposes. Take our throats for example. To begin with only used for eating, later also for drinking and for breathing (not a good combination). In our case also for speaking (dangerous! NO engineer would have designed it that way!
Right? NOT intelligent!

In science you make a number of observations ( maybe also and/or experiments). Then you base a hypothesis on that. Then if that hypothesis can explain OTHER observations/experiments you have a theory! In ID you start with the theory, then try to push all observations in there! You start with the explanation before you have all facts, then you have to squeeze the facts in even if they do not fit like throats! That is NOT science, it is theology or ideology!


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