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Hate You + MRF + Coffee

Okay, a very quick post and so  I’d make it pointed.

1. A lot of work is on in the background and that’s making access to the internet limited, thus limiting writing. A lot of that work should sometime be up on the blog one by one. Though I can’t promise a time frame.

2. I had an occasion to meet a couple of my “blog’s readers” in the last week. And it was an amazing time discussing CV topics (as they happened to read some posts on CV). Will come back to this again.


Hate You:

EDIT: I know this saying is too cliched. But I have an extremely silly reason to put it up.

Just came across this Gaping Void cartoon and it’s just too true!

hate you jpeg 400That “something” could actually be anything! Wouldn’t write why I put it. :)


Markov Random Fields:

I hate to use my blog for this, but anyhow anybody who has some experience working with Markov random fields and would have the time to discuss some things?

If yes, I would be extremely grateful if you could write me an email at either :







I have noticed over the past year that there are a number of regular readers (who have endured some poor and eclectic posts and sparse posting ;-) from Leuven, Belgium.

I should be there for a fortnight pretty soon. Going by my experience in the past week I think it would be an extremely interesting experience to catch up over coffee!

Please send me an email if you’d be interested, we could possibly work out something. Please write to:




As a meaningless aside: I always stayed away from Tea and coffee till some years ago. I rediscovered coffee thanks to a very dear friend. So now I can say I am qualified to say “Let’s meet up for coffee”. I wasn’t earlier to be honest.  :)


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