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I am not really inclined towards posting personal stuff on the blog. But here is one!I hope some readers don’t make faces.

Last November and then again in January I had mentioned that I had a NUMBER of deadlines around my neck and that they would prevent me from giving any time to the blog. Or rather any time to myself, as that is the time that I use to blog. Time that I earlier used to waste away.

I am glad that I have been able to do all the work that I had set up. I feel much relaxed now, and having said that. I would soon be more active with the blog. I am reasonably satisfied with how all the work that I had turned out to be, especially since I thought I wasn’t capable of handling so many things at a time. Though I am sure it could have been much better. That feeling is almost inevitable I guess. But I am just glad I SURVIVED!

So, I should be seen more often on the blog from now on!


As an aside, and on a personal level, I am fascinated with how ephemeral everything in life is (I always got fascinated by it, but a little above the “normal” these days). I wish this was a personal blog that I could write my ruminations on some things (not events though).

I have been reading Mayakovsky these days.

[Vladimir Mayakovsky]Vladimir Mayakovsky

So to say –

“the incident dissolved”
the love boat
smashed against reality.
I’m through with life
and [we] should absolve
mutual hurts, grudges and anxieties.

That’s profound. The love boat can be thought of as standing for our dreams, both well thought out plans (realisitic dreams) and daydreams (unrealistic ones). And “we” could stand for the individual and life. Keep aside the grudges with life and make a fresh start. There is never any time for grudges and bitterness anyway, our time is limited.

I’m through with this life as well. I need to make a fresh start, almost a new life – both professionally and personally. And it is not difficult to start all over again, to pick up all the pieces given you have the will and the humor for doing it.

After all as Stephen Hawking says and absolutely correctly – Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny. :)

And it is important to keep working quietly but relentlessly. I have never been an under-dog before in life and I must say that I enjoy it.

If you keep working quietly and keep working hard that day wouldn’t be far when you come out like that invisible little kid in the last bench who stuns the class one day. If not for anything when you are down and almost out, work for that day. It isn’t far given you make a start and honestly at that!


Apologies to readers who expect different stuff from the blog (judging by the emails I get). I promise the next post would be more interesting. This one was just to make an announcement!


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