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பொறி இன்மை யார்க்கும் பழி அன்று; ஆள்வினை இன்மை பழி.

Pronounced as: poRi inmai yaarkkum pazhi anRu; aaLvinai inmai pazhi.

In English : “One cannot be blamed for bad luck; one can only be blamed for failing to act like a man”


Pronunciation and interpretation courtesy of Kevin R. ( Present and Past Affiliations: UCLA Linguistics , UC Berkeley Linguistics )

Thirukkural is one of the oldest works on ethics from ancient India dated somewhere around the second century B.C, a collection of couplets on almost everything. Some aphorisms are just too wonderful. I have been thinking of reading some of the Thirukkural (in translation) for sometime, but alas! I have it in my plan to read it by the end of this year and compile my favorite aphorisms from it. Though it is pointless to compare, the aphorisms from the Thirukkural are way more insightful and on a much broader range of subjects as compared to aphorisms by Neitzsche (i am a HUGE fan of his aphorisms, though not really  of all his ideas) or Kabir (A personal opinion). I’ll surely read it by the end of this year, point noted!

[A statue of Thiruvalluvar at Kanyakumari]

PS: I am not a Tamil, so a mistake in the above couplet in Tamil (if any) would be unintentional. Please notify me if there is any.

I will be writing something on science/technology the next time for sure. No more quotes for at least four weeks! :)

Also apologies for the hiatus from writing here. I have been into a lot of interesting things lately (Some of which might soon make it to this blog) which haven’t given me any time to write.

Resources on and Translations of the Thirukkural:

1. Translations in different langauges.

2. Thirukkural Internet Resources and translations

3. Project Madurai (English Translation of the Thirukkural)

4. Thirukkural on the Internet

5. English Translation of the Thirukkural at Tamil Nation

6. English Translation and Commentary: CincinnatiTemple

Disclaimer: The above translations are subject to variations.

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